Merchant Account: Fraud and Chargebacks

Credit card merchant account services are often thought of to be insecure and liable to hack attacks, eCommerce merchant account spoofing (data and information theft) and merchant account credit card processing carders attacks. A merchant account provider is never responsible for the fraud and chargebacks that eCommerce merchants have to suffer. Chargebacks are reports from credit card owners and their banks saying that the transaction was unauthorized and their money must be returned. This is very painful for an eCommerce merchant and its merchant account processing provider as the transaction has to be reversed and the eCommerce merchant has to pay a fine, called a chargeback rate.

Merchant account fraud cases and chargebacks are the nightmares of even the
best credit card merchant account using eCommerce merchants and GSPay knows
this. This is why makes its best to protect eCommerce merchants and
their clients from credit card and merchant account fraud resulting in chargebacks.

Other companies do not process high risk merchants, while high risk
merchant account solutions make high risk merchant account processing possible
for high risk eCommerce business types. GSPay’s chargeback rates are low
and affordable for all high risk eCommerce merchants who need a merchant account.
Other merchant account services offered by are pharmacy merchant account
(a sub-type of high risk offshore merchant account), offshore merchant account,
international merchant account, direct merchant account and third party merchant
account solutions.

What does offer for eCommerce merchant account fraud and chargeback
protection? GSPay’s merchant account solutions are all SSL (secure socket
layer) integrated and have the possibility to work with Visa 3-D Secure and
MasterCard SecureCode. Articles section has many articles dedicated
to tips and hints against merchant account credit card fraud and chargebacks.

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Industry type Rates Industry type Rates
E-commerce from 2.8% Nutra/Herbals from 4%
Adult from 4% Regulated Forex from 5.5%
File sharing systems from 4% Dating from 4%
Crypto from 4% Licensed Gambling from 4%
Downloads from 7% Replica from 8%
Travel from 4% Pharmacy from 8%
CBD from 7% Kratom from 7%
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