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Resellers Terms and Conditions

Resellers Terms and Conditions

  1. Reseller cannot compete with us in our own market, and cannot in any manner advertise for “merchant accounts,” “card processing services,” “card processing equipment,” or any other industry related terms, products, or services on any search engine (such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo!) for the purpose of generating leads.
  2. We do not permit SPAM of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sending unsolicited emails.
    • Posting to any inappropriate newsgroups that do not allow business content.
    • Using the “GSPAY” name in any unsolicited communications.
  3. Reseller merchants will be evaluated according to our internal guide lines and policies. GSPAY reserves the right to decline any application based on the submitted website.
  4. Resellers use of their referrals’ contact information for any other purposes other than referring their business to us is prohibited, including selling a referred leads' contact information.
  5. In the unlikely event that any changes to the program occur, GSPAY reserves the right to change any commission rate structure at any time. 30 Days prior to the effective date of change, a formal notice will be provided to our Resellers in writing, via the email address associated with the Resellers’ account information.
  6. Compensation will be issued on a Per sale or Residual basis. Resellers  will be paid based on monthly referral activities. 
    • Merchant: A Merchant is defined as any business contact applied with our system. By using your customized URL and toll-free number, any merchant in our system which originated from you will be automatically attributed to your account.
    • Approved account: Any merchant, as defined above, where the customer is approved for a merchant account from GSPAY.
  7. GSPAY offers payments by wire transfer or through PayPal. In order to get paid, reseller should generate at least $1000 in commission. 
  8. Inactivity. GSPAY reserves the right to terminate any reseller account due to inactivity. An account is considered inactive after two months with no referral traffic.
  9. Duplicate referrals. Once a business is recorded as a merchant in our  system, the merchant belongs to the referring reseller for three (3) months. If the same business is referred by a 2nd reseller during these three (3) months, this is not considered a valid merchant, and will not show up in any referral statistics. If the business is not approved for a merchant account by GSPAY during the three (3) months, the business is eligible to become a valid lead again.
  10. Cookie length – thirty (30) days. GSPAY tracks referrals by the use of browser cookies. The life span of the cookie is thirty (30) days, which means that if a user returns to our website within 30 days and contacts us, that referral will still be attributed to your account.
  11. Disclaimer. Some referrals may not be tracked properly due to reasons including, but not limited to
    • Referred visitor has browser set to not accept cookies
    • Referred visitor contacts us after the cookie has expired
    • Implementation error(s) by affiliate

Additional Legal Terms & Conditions:

  • Each party shall be deemed as independent contractors with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement, and nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed or construed in any manner as creating any partnership, joint venture, employment, agency, fiduciary, or other similar relationship. 
  • You may not assign your rights or obligations under this Agreement to any other party.
  • This Agreement shall be governed by the interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdon, without regard to the conflicts of laws and principles thereof. 
  • You many not amend or waive any provision of this Agreement unless in writing and signed by both parties.
  • This Agreement represents the entire agreement between GSPAY and you, the Reseller, and shall supersede all prior agreements and communications of the parties, oral, or written.
  • GSPAY reserves the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.
  • GSPAY is authorized to take action with any reseller who is in violation of the terms of this Agreement, in order to recover all losses.
  • GSPAY  may cancel this Agreement at any time, for any reason.

PLEASE NOTE: If, for any reason, the Reseller is deemed in violation of the above terms and conditions, GSPAY reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, and all unpaid earnings will be forfeited by the reseller.

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