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Voice over IP Merchant Accounts

The Internet age has provided us with a great number of new opportunities. Modern people can do a wide range of things via the Internet. Voice over International Protocol or VOIP is a new invention that helps people from different countries talk to each other.

Voice over IP is a kind of telephony that enables people to communicate via the Internet. Everyone who has a broadband Internet access at home can communicate with people all around the world by simply signing up with one of broadband carries. VIOP is a fast and convenient way of communication that is why it is quickly gaining popularity.

As this type of telephony is very convenient and comparatively cheap, businesses are gradually beginning to switch from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to voice over IP systems, as it enables decrease their monthly communication costs.

Merchants providing VOIP services should consider opening merchant accounts to accept credit card payments from their customers, as this is the most convenient and popular payment method.

Generally, voice over IP merchant accounts can have various applications. The major need for this type of account results from the increased popularity of online shopping, observed in recent years.

It is quite evident that the invention of the Internet has a great impact on our lives, as it has made changes to a great number of areas, and merchant services field is not an exception. A voice over IP merchant account is one of the most profitable and quickly growing areas, representing the influence of the Internet.

GSPA can provide you with a reliable VOPI merchant account that can be easily adjusted to the needs of your business. The main advantage of having voice over IP account through our company is that it will give you daily control of all money transactions. You will be able to receive payments on your account every day.

If you want to start accepting credit card payments from you customers, we will provide you with reliable credit card processing solution that will enable you to process online payments, as well as protect your customers’ banking and credit card information against cyber-criminals.

Our customer support service is available round-the-clock, so you can apply for help at any time of day and night. Our team of experienced workers will help you solve any kind of difficulties you may face.

Our company is offering VOIP services merchant accounts that will enable you to handle a wide range of online services.

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Industry typeRatesIndustry typeRates
E-commercefrom 4%Nutra/Herbalsfrom 6.5%
Adultfrom 6%Forexfrom 4%
File sharing systemsfrom 10%Datingfrom 6%
Gambling from 4.5%Pharmacyfrom 8%
IT Supportfrom 10%Debt collectionfrom 7%
Travel MOTOfrom 6.5%E-cigaretesfrom 6.5%
Replica clothesfrom 8%Debt repairfrom 8%

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