Credit Card Processing Web: or 'Juggling with Web Credit Card Processing'

or 'Juggling with Web
Credit Card Processing'

'But you've got the title all wrong! And what do you mean by
'juggling', are we clowns?'

The title isn't really wrong, it's just mixed up, as a juggler
mixes his pins, or balls, whichever, when juggling. When a juggler, or clown,
is juggling, he is attentive to 'the process'! And we, as users
(or future users) of web based credit card processing services, should also
be attentive and feel 'the process' as a juggler does in his case.

'Oh, come on! Are you serious?'

Yes, I am. You really ought to know the process of web site credit card processing,
unless you are indifferent to how you get your money and how to decrease the
expenses related to 'credit card processing web' (that's how
we'll call 'web credit card processing' from now on '
to remember the importance of 'juggling')!

'Of course I'm not indifferent!'

I know ' that's why you'll get to know the basics of 'credit
card processing web'. The process of 'credit card processing web'
goes like this:

  • Relevant credit card information is entered by an interested client, who
    wants to buy your product or service.
  • The information is passed through a secure gateway for verification.
  • When the gateway has verified the information it is passed on to the bank.
  • The bank uses this information to process the transaction.

That's about it. Easy isn't it? The process of 'credit card
processing web' is very complex in the inside ' the information
is always digitally encrypted for secure data transfer. All the process takes
only a few seconds to complete! And don't forget that 'credit card
processing web' entails processing and commission fees and taxes. So don't
be surprised when you get less money than the client had paid.

Be in full control of and know the process of 'credit card processing
web', as a juggler is in control of juggling!

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