High Risk e-Commerce Merchant Account Uses

When e-Commerce merchants face the problem of credit card processing, specifically “card-not-present” transactions, it [the problem] is tackled from many sides, with many questions. Initially, credit card processing banks and providers check an e-Commerce merchant’s credit card processing history, whether it is good or bad (or “terminated” for what matters). As an e-Commerce merchant passes this initial check-up and some other, auxiliary security verifications, the e-Commerce merchant’s business is evaluated. And that, unfortunately, is not all smooth and easy. The ‘e-Commerce business evaluation’ part is what really stands between getting approved and not getting approved. The credit card processing service providing bank checks whether a merchant’s business can process enough customers and generate enough revenue. And that, again, unfortunately, is not all. A certain type of e-Commerce business may sometimes get blocked from the very beginning. Such online businesses are called high-risk e-Commerce businesses.

The main use of high-risk e-Commerce merchant accounts is the CNP (card-not-present) processing of ‘risky’ online businesses. By the term ‘risky’ any high-risk business is meant. A full list of high-risk businesses, which differs from one credit card processing service provider to another, so it is highly recommended to visit ‘High-Risk e-Commerce Merchant Details’ links or contact a high risk merchant account provider’s sales and client support departments.

The most common high-risk business list that you will see will most certainly contain: online casino and other online gambling, dating websites, software download (OEM), PC hardware and hi-tech appliances, ISP and telephony resources and services, and others. Many high-risk eCommerce merchant accounts are not available for adult websites.*

Back to e-Commerce merchant accounts for high-risk businesses… Why were such credit card processing services created and what are their uses nowadays? High-risk e-Commerce merchant services make it possible for high-risk classified businesses to apply for and actually use credit card processing services, which are indispensable (just imagine, running an online casino where clients have to send checks or bank transfers to enjoy themselves and play slots or blackjack – impossible!). When all your local banks turn you down, considering your business a high-risk class business, due to the high possibility (i.e. risk) of getting lots of returns and chargeback cases, subsequently money loss on both sides, and far greater inconvenience. Taking precautions is possible to reduce the risk of chargebacks caused by credit card fraud, but normal banks and credit card processing service providers will seldom accept a high-risk business. High-risk e-Commerce merchant accounts usually have the same terms and conditions as of local banks and gateway service providers at slightly higher rates and charges due to the inconvenience.

The uses of high-risk e-Commerce merchant accounts are not limited by high-risk businesses only. Many e-Commerce merchants, running stable online service and product-providing resources use high-risk e-Commerce merchant accounts and gateway services because they find them safer for their reputation and their credit card processing history. Why safer? As you may already know from other sources or for your own experience, a “TMF” mark in your credit card processing history is what you will never want to get. TMF (Terminated Merchant File) is the acquired status of an e-Commerce merchant, whose online business got ‘bombarded’ by too many returns and chargeback cases (due to fraud, hacker attacks on gateways, or simply too many dissatisfied clients), reaching the monthly (or overall) chargeback limit. A “TMF” closes all the doors to locally rendered credit card processing gateway services. There are, of course, ways out of this problematic situation: international and offshore merchant accounts and third-party credit card processing services. The best way to solve a problem is not to create a problem, and that is where high-risk e-Commerce merchant services come in. High-risk credit card processing accounts are used to prevent getting a “TMF” status, regardless of the business one is running. Practically any business is at risk, and protecting yourself and your e-Commerce business can be considered as a ‘smart move’ and ‘thinking ahead’. Thus, precaution is another use of high-risk e-Commerce merchant account processing.

E-Commerce merchant high-risk business processing accounts are as great, as fast, as stable and as secure as any other merchant account. This means that when there are no suitable local merchant accounts around you considering a high-risk merchant account may be a good idea. Overpaying for extra chargeback and return services might save tons of nerves and expenses.

The three uses that are denoted above are:

  • High-risk e-Commerce business processing. Any high-risk classified business owner must apply for a high-risk account because local banks and merchant service providers will, usually, not approve of the business.
  • Precaution for regular business types. If a specific business is at risk of going over the limit of chargebacks and returns it would be safer to get a high-risk e-Commerce merchant account in order to protect your credit card history as an e-Commerce merchant. Highly recommended for e-Commerce beginners and new businesses.
  • An e-Commerce merchant account. When there are no more options available consider getting a high-risk merchant account.

There may be other uses for high-risk online credit card processing accounts and merchant services. There are also specific high-risk accounts, like Pharmaceutical High-Risk e-Commerce Merchant Accounts, which offer lower rates for online drug and medicament stores. Apply today for your own high-risk merchant account and start processing millions worldwide.

* Note that it is extremely unwise to try to trick high-risk e-Commerce merchant accounts providers by stating that you are running an online business which is on their list, while really running a forbidden (or illegal) type of online business. All providers (including high-risk account providers) do lots of checking up before approving any e-Commerce merchant.

Industry type Rates Industry type Rates
E-commerce from 2.8% Nutra/Herbals from 4%
Adult from 4% Regulated Forex from 5.5%
File sharing systems from 4% Dating from 4%
Crypto from 4% Licensed Gambling from 4%
Downloads from 7% Replica from 8%
Travel from 4% Pharmacy from 8%
CBD from 7% Kratom from 7%
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