The first thing that one notices on their website is the word ‘FREE’ – free application, free setup, free software, etc. And indeed, these are free.

The communication method chosen by Charge.Com for accounts is a special piece of software which functions between the gateway and the e-Commerce merchant.

Internet processing software

Internet processing software is the most popular choice of merchants who sell products and services online through their web sites. This software enables Web site to automatically process credit card orders securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After consumer submits payment information, consumer’s card will be charged within a few seconds automatically. After an order is placed, merchant receives an email with all of customer’s information, so merchant can fill the order.

If merchant has a website and sells information, password access, or anything else, then merchant’s Web site can deliver it to customer immediately when your customer’s credit card is approved.

The funds will be transferred to your bank account within 2 to 3 business days.

Virtual Terminal

Each holder of merchant account gets a Virtual Terminal enabling both automated processing for Web site orders and manual processing of e-mail, telephone, faxed, mail order, and face-to-face sales.

Web-based credit card processing terminal has the same features as an electronic keypad terminal and even more. Virtual Terminal keeps detailed records of all transactions, and generates invoices that can be printed out. Additionally, it allows to set up automatic recurrent billing (this option is used for payment plans or monthly subscriptions). provides FREE ecommerce shopping cart.

Along with Charge.Com shopping cart software, the addition of this online payment processing capability will be an important step for online business.

Fee schedule of Charge.Com is the following:

Merchant Account Application Fee FREE
Setup Fee FREE
Internet Credit Card Processing Software with Web Terminal FREE
Checks by Web, Phone, and Fax: FREE
Allows you to accept checks via the Internet, phone, or fax.
Web Shopping Cart FREE
Programming Charge FREE
Shipping and Handling Charge FREE
American Express Setup Fee FREE
Average Approval Time Same-Day approval
Technical Support Hours 24 hours per day/
7 days per week
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Discount Rate 2.25%
Internet / Mail / Phone Order Transaction Fee 25 cents (per transaction)
Retail Discount Rate (face-to-face sales) 1.85%
Retail Transaction Fee (face-to-face sales) 25 cents (per transaction)
Statement/Customer Service Fee $10.00 per month
Internet Processing Software Gateway $16.95 per month

Industry type Rates Industry type Rates
E-commerce from 2.8% Nutra/Herbals from 4%
Adult from 4% Regulated Forex from 5.5%
File sharing systems from 4% Dating from 4%
Crypto from 4% Licensed Gambling from 4%
Downloads from 7% Replica from 8%
Travel from 4% Pharmacy from 8%
CBD from 7% Kratom from 7%
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