Cheap Credit Card Processing: Myth or Reality?

As an online business owner you should have enough knowledge in the area of
credit card processing. If for some reason you’re lacking such knowledge,
then we’ll quickly go through the basics of credit card processing. First
of all, credit card processing services give the almost vital opportunity for
your online business to accept credit cards as method of payment. We can abstractly
divide the process into three steps, though there are much more in-between:
a) the client submits transaction and personal details through a secure form
on your web site; b) the details are passed through a gateway, verified, and
the payment is processed; c) The money is transferred by the processing bank
to your account.

Most business owners who want to get a credit card processor usually search
for ’cheap credit card processing’ or ’cheap online credit
card processing’ using their favorite search-engines. In less than a few
seconds hundreds of results are shown. ’Cheap credit card processor’,
’Cheap online credit card processing’, cheap this, cheap that’
If they’re all cheap the choice is almost always based on the cheapest
credit card processing. But CHEAP DOES NOT MEAN GOOD ’ it’s quantity
vs. quality. This does not mean that all cheap credit card processing service
providers are bad providers. A provider considered ’bad’ for one
business may be considered as ’the best’ for another.

Finding or recognizing the best variant from hundreds of cheap credit card
processing service providers takes time, and more importantly, skill. Taking
into account expenses like setup fees (one-time fees, starter fees), membership
fees (monthly fees, gateway fees), transaction fees (gateway commission fees),
and others, might save you much more money than blindly signing up with the
first cheap credit card processing service provider.

Don’t be misled by cheap credit card processing service providers’
prices as they tend to keep many extra fees concealed at first. Reading and
rereading the sign up terms and conditions and, more importantly, THE CONTRACT
(including the fine-print) will exclude the chance of having a rather bad surprise
at the end of the month, when the ADN (Automatic Deduction Notice) is received
from the bank, which shows all the transaction, membership and extra fees (like
insurance fees, drawback fees) in detail.

Cheap credit card processing: myth or reality? There isn’t a universal
answer to this question, as cheap credit card processing may be a myth for some
businesses and a reality for others. One thing is for sure: cheap credit card
processing is the key to a successful business. Just imagine: sitting in an
armchair drinking coffee while letting the credit card processor work for you
and make profit’

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