Payment Gateway: SSL Security Technology

Merchant payment gateway security holes trouble all the links in the chain of merchant account payment gateway credit card processing - the client using the e Commerce payment gateway, the eCommerce merchant using the online payment gateway, and the online payment gateway provider.

This is why’s credit card payment
gateways use integrated SSL internet payment gateway technology. SSL stands
for secure socket layer and is the best eCommerce payment gateway technology
available these days. Never trust any electronic payment gateway provider unless
it is clearly stated on the payment gateways site that their credit card online
payment gateway solution is SSL protected.

How is a protected payment gateway solution better than an unprotected payment gateway? An SSL protected payment gateway is up to 95% safer than an unprotected one. This means that 95 out of every 100 payment gateway transactions are completely safe, and only 5 are at risk. Unprotected payment gateway accounts are at the huge risk of payment gateway hacking, spoofing or data theft.

How does an SSL payment gateway work? Simple. At every stage of a credit card transaction which is processed through a payment gateway information is encrypted using SSL technology. When at the client fills in the information at he payment gateway checkout it is encrypted and given an SSL certificate. At the payment gateway processing bank this data is decrypted using both the bank’s and the payment gateway’s SSL certificates as the keys to the cipher. When the data is verified it is re-encrypted and processed by the bank. is an SSL certified merchant account payment gateway company. All
of our payment gateway solutions are safe and stable. Offered at low rates and
compatible with additional security systems it is one of the best payment gateway
providers on the Net.

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