Web Credit Card Processing: Credit Card Processing and Security

Every online merchant should know that web credit card processing is the key
to high incomes from sales. Many of them though, have no idea of the security
features of web credit card processing, and are drawn back by their lack of
knowledge on the system. Your clients’ security is as important as your
web credit card processing service; your clients want to be 100% sure that their
transaction is secure. You must be sure in the first place to make your clients

Each web based credit card processing service company guarantees that its services
are completely secure, but you’ll still want to double-check. Then you
should get familiar with the types of security systems that web credit card
processing service companies. There are many systems, but the most significant
and best system known today is SSL.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security system designed to prevent
spoofing (eavesdropping, spying) or data theft, data modification and data substitution.
Let’s apply these menaces to web site credit card processing service:

Data Theft: the net-offender acquires all or part of the transaction
information, i.e. credit card number, names, addresses, account, and other private
Data Modification: the net-offender modifies part of the transaction
information during the transaction, for example: modifying credit card numbers,
recipient addresses, and others.
Data Substitution: the net-offender substitutes one transaction
information block for another.

The SSL security system uses a two-stage certificate-based verification and
data encryption which prevent unauthorized use of the web credit card processing
gateway. So, absolutely never, I repeat NEVER trust a web credit card
processing services company which DOES NOT offer SSL security. Not doing so
may lead to unsanctioned money transfers, problems with banks, dissatisfied,
if not furious clients.

Now, a few basic DON’Ts you, as a responsible online business owner,
should provide your credit card holding customers with:

  • Credit card holders must never give out personal and credit card details,
    unless they are 100% sure whom the information is passed to,
  • Credit card holders must at once report of unauthorized transactions using
    their card number or credit card loss to their credit card provider for blocking,
  • Credit card holders must make sure that the web based credit card processing
    facility on an online store uses the latest security systems.

Security of web credit card processing is a most important issue to take into
account when choosing a credit card processing service company. Always read
about the company’s security features. And take care to implement your
card credit processing store web with auxiliary security systems, such as extra
security image codes, passwords, and other solutions.

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